Recent Projects

Nearly $50,000 worth of classroom Venture Grants were awarded in fall 2017 to benefit Penn Manor teachers and students. Read more here. Grants for the following teachers were approved:

    • Stacey Brinkman, “A Novel Idea” – Novels and teacher manuals, Central Manor, grade 6
    • Laura Stephan, “Implementing the MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Support) Program in the Classroom,” Central Manor, grade 3
    • Shelly Kyle, “Plant Mazes,” Central Manor, grade 2
    • Kimberly Garvey, “CM Garden Extension,” Central Manor, grades K-6
    • Johanna Treier, “Opportunity for Live Theatre” – show at Fulton Theater, Central Manor, grade 3
    • Jenna DeLong, “Scholastic Magazine Subscriptions,” Central Manor, grade 2
    • Christina Beard, “Sensory Materials” –therapy balls, fidget pencils and other materials to calm students, Conestoga, Learning Support
    • Alison Witmer, “Kindergarten Chair Pockets” – to help students keep organized, Conestoga, Kindergarten
    • Tamara Baker, “TIME for Kids Magazines,” Conestoga, grades 1, 4, 5 and 6
    • Tamara Baker, “Restarting and Celebrating our Garden” – to rebuild community garden following renovations, Conestoga, grades K-6
    • Jennifer Fisher, “Nook Knowledge” – tablets equipped with guided reading books, Conestoga, Learning Support/Special Education
    • Larisa Garpstas, “Flexible Seating” – Adirondack chair, camp chair, wobble cushion, yoga mat and other alternative seating materials, Conestoga, grade 2
    • Jen Kroesen, “Readathon,” districtwide, grades K-2
    • Melissa Ostrowski, “Social/Emotional Programs to Support Student Mental Health” – workshops on making positive choices, stress and anger management, online safety and other topics, districtwide, grades K-12
    • Kelly Sproul, “Light Tables/Panels to Enhance the Kindergarten Curriculum,” Eshleman, kindergarten
    • Elizabeth Kaplan, “Education on the Move” – bean bags, beach balls, dice and other materials to encourage student movement, Eshleman, various grades
    • Lorien Gilbert, “Flexible Seating for Children Struggling with Attention” (18 balance balls), Hambright, grade 3
    • Brandy Smith, “Breakout EDU Boxes,” Hambright, grade 3
    • Bill Southward, “Transforming Independent Reading” – expanded collection of books for four classes, Hambright, grade 6
    • Katie Lutz, “Breakout EDU Kits,” Hambright, grade 5
    • Margaret Kyper, “Connecting Content and Literature” – books on such topics as citizenship, family, neighborhoods and the sciences, Hambright, kindergarten
    • Brian Osmolinski, “Making Physics for Everyone” – sensory equipment to enhance physics, forensics and science classes, high school, grades 9-12, Science Department
    • Nadine Smith, “Multicultural Day” supplies, high school, all grades
    • Alisha Gerhart, “Pediatric Child’s Toy Design” – project combining learning support and technology education students to design and build simple child’s toys, high school, grades 9-12, Applied Engineering and Technology Education
    • Donna Brady, “Camden Adventure Aquarium” field trip with science careers presentation, high school, grades 9-12, gifted
    • Jonathan Zimmerman, “Penn State University Sea, Air, and Land Challenge” – teams compete in the design and building of a drone, grade 9, gifted support
    • Heather Paquette, “Cooperative Games to Improve Student Soft Skills,” high school, grade 9, Physical Education
    • Kim Weit, “Operation Digital” – digital camera and printing equipment, high school, grades 9-12, Art Department.
    • Jodi Swartz-Rankin, “Wellness Works in School” – mindfulness training, high school, grades 9-12
    • Sara Masten, “SmartMusic at the High School,” grades 9-12
    • Rachel Taylor, “Shredding Work Crew Equipment,” high school, Life Skills/School to Work Program
    • Jeffrey Taylor, “STEM in the Library,” high school, grades 9-12
    • Marty Ioannidis, “Professional Art Production Suite,” high school, grades 9-12, Art Department
    • Tonya Beck, “Lab Equipment,” high school, grades 10-12, Biology
    • Hanna Crowther, “Science Classroom Manipulatives,” high school, grades 9-12
    • Maureen Klingaman, “French Readers,” high school, grades 9-12, Foreign Language
    • Maureen Klingaman, “World Map for Multicultural Club,” high school, grades 9-12, Foreign Language
    • Andrew Johnson, “Electronic Percussion,” high school, Music Department
    • Jonathan Hess, “Flexible Storage for Experiential Learning of Engine Systems,” high school, grades 9-12, Agricultural Education
    • Meagan Slates, “Plumbing Project Improvement,” high school, grades 9-12, Agricultural Education
    • Lisa Suydam, “MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Support) Math Materials,” Letort, grade 4
    • Jon Bittenbender, “Gettysburg Field Trip,” Manor Middle School, grade 8, Social Studies
    • Nancy Nadig, “BreakOut Boxes,” Manor library
    • Danielle Rogers, “Resident Therapy Dog” – training sessions, Manor, grades 7 and 8
    • Jennifer Ennis, “Happy Atoms” – digital/physical chemistry set, Manor, grade 8, Science
    • Sara Masten “SmartMusic for Middle School,” Manor, grades 7 and 8
    • Danielle Rogers, “Supporting Students with Mental Health Concerns” – therapeutic materials, Manor, grades 7 and 8
    • Dawn Janssen “Bowling Equipment for Physical Education,” Martic Elementary, grades K-6.
    • Debra Goodhart, “Book Scavenger – Bigger and Better,” Marticville Middle, grade 7, analytical reading and English class
    • Nancy Nadig, “BreakOut Boxes,” Marticville Library
    • Christine Harman, “Lego Bricks and Physical Science,” Marticville, grade 8, Science
    • Shirley Murray, “Elementary Lesson Transformation Kits,” Pequea Elementary, grades K-6

More than $12,000 in Strong Grants have been awarded to improve opportunities for Penn Manor students and their families. Here are the projects:

  • $7,000 to pay for uniforms, tools, equipment and supplies for disadvantaged students attending Lancaster County Career & Technology Center programs.
  • $2,500 to help students with financial difficulties pay fees for college applications, SAT tests and advanced-placement tests.
  • $1,800 to distribute free books to disadvantaged students in the Pheasant Ridge and Manor Heights neighborhoods and to support the Lancaster County Bookmobile.
  • $1,000 to support the Penn Manor Family Fund, which provides food, shelter, transportation and medical assistance for families in need.

Read more here.

Below is a listing of awarded venture grants from previous years in PDF format.

Fall 2016 Venture Grants

Spring 2015 Venture Grants
Fall 2014 Venture Grants
Spring 2014

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Venture Grants are supported by:

Alumni groups
Area businesses
Caring individuals
Community civic and service organizations
Planned giving
School district staff
Other charitable foundations

Penn Manor Education Foundation also has funded the following projects and many more:

  • Penn Manor Districtwide Readathon
  • Parent Resource Centers at several elementary schools.
  • Artist-in-Residence (authors, performers).
  • Hands-on study of marine life and aquatic vegetation.
  • Purchase of elementary school musical instruments.
  • Purchase of the latest technology at all academic levels.
  • Equipment for the Penn Manor High School TV station