How to Apply

2024 PMEF Scholarship Instructions for applying online

Penn Manor Education Foundation scholarships will be available to complete online on the Kaleidoscope site on January 3, 2024.This is posted on the grade level google classroom and on XELLO.  Seniors must be logged into the XELLO account.


You then will be directed to Kaleidoscope.

To prepare for an efficient use of your time in applying for as many scholarships as you are eligible, we encourage you to prepare and label the following documents before beginning the application process:

  1. Transcript
  2. Resume
  3. Essay

First you will complete a General Application that includes uploading your transcript,  resume and essay. Resume should include all high school activities, community service, work, special interests/hobbies and any faith-based activities.

You will answer a question that will ask you to select from the following list of careers:

  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Education
  • English/Writing/Journalism/Communications/Library Science
  • Healthcare
  • Social Studies (Political Science, Psychology, etc)
  • STEM
  • Tech/Trade
  • Theater
  • Visual Arts (Graphic Arts, Fine Arts, Media Arts)

Once you complete this General Application, you will be able to see scholarships in the career area you selected. All students will also be able to access scholarships in the Career Choice Open category because those scholarships aren’t career specific.

In all PMEF scholarship applications, you will answer the following essay prompt:

PMEF Essay Prompt

So many life experiences guide and shape your perspectives and inspire your decision-making processes. In a one-page or less essay, discuss how the following have impacted the choices you have made in pursuing your desired career path:

–Your participation in school, community, and/or faith-based activities

–Your personal and/or family struggles

–Your natural abilities and strengths

A complete list of all PMEF scholarships with descriptions of each will be available on Kaleidoscope application site via a link on the General Application page.