PMEF donates $4,375 for wifi ‘hotspots’ for virtual learning

PMEF is proud to support the efforts of Penn Manor School District in providing internet access to district families that do not have reliable access at home.

The Foundation has donated $4,375 to cover the cost of 100 wifi “hotspots” purchased as part of the 1 Million Project, a nonprofit dedicated to helping 1 million students who do not have reliable internet access at home reach their full potential by giving them mobile devices and free high-speed Internet access.

This is especially important this year, as nearly all Penn Manor students will be learning remotely and will need internet access from home.

Principals and social workers developed a list of families that can use the hotspots for the full school year. Penn Manor expects to help 100 families, many of which include several Penn Manor students.

According to Charlie Reisinger, Penn Manor technology director, the grant also covers free internet service for families through the 1 Million Project. The only cost is the one-time purchase of hotspots at $43.75 each.

Typically, monthly service for one hotspot from Verizon is $40 a month for 12 months, so the ability to provide 100 devices for only $4,375 represents a significant savings to the district that will not cost families anything.

Many thanks to the 1 Million Project for its support of this effort.

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