PMEF awards nearly $75,000 in scholarships/awards to Class of 2020

Thanks to our generous contributors, Penn Manor Education Foundation was able to award $75,000 in scholarships and other awards to 75 deserving Penn Manor seniors this year!

Members of the Class of 2020 received six new scholarships established over the past year — The $500 Penn Manor Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship for a student whose parent/guardian is a PM alum; the $500 Dave Ober Memorial Scholarship for a student pursing a psychology degree; the $500 Edward Funk Memorial Scholarship for a CTC student or a senior pursuing  a teaching or nursing career; the $500 Norma Aston Scholarship for excellence in writing; the $500 Class of 2019 Scholarship for academics and service; The $500 Megan Lynn Martin Memorial Scholarship for a student who overcame diversity and has a positive impact on others; and the $1,000 Chris Shank Memorial Scholarship for a student pursuing an IT career.

These new awards went to Darby Conrad (Martin Scholarship), Muhab Mustfa (Shank Scholarship), Anna May Barbusca (PMAA Scholarship), Sheridan Kinser (Ober Scholarship), Madison Higgins (Funk Scholarship), Rachel Collison (Aston Scholarship), and Jackson Heiney and Briana Shyver (Class of 2019 Scholarship).

In all, 79 awards were distributed to 75 graduates this year — the largest totals in the Foundation’s history! The awards ceremony is available for viewing here. The PMEF scholarships begin at 42:13.

A full list of the 2020 awards and recipients is available here.

If you would like to establish a scholarship to honor a loved one, teacher or other individual, please contact PMEF Executive Director Jan Mindish at

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