PMEF approves $48,000 in Venture Grants

Conestoga fifth-graders learn about wool carding during the Landis Valley Museum Traveling Trunk outreach program. A Venture Grant funded the program, which provides hands-on learning about the daily aspects of Colonial life.

Penn Manor Education Foundation has approved nearly $48,000 worth of classroom Venture Grants to fund innovative teaching methods, materials and programs for students at all Penn Manor Schools for 2016-2017.

The grants range from $64 for geography games for Central Manor Elementary second-graders to $8,459 for pH, moisture and CO2 sensors for high school students enrolled in Plant Science courses.

In between are grants for musical instruments and equipment, high-definition television video cameras, novels, a 3D printer, environmental field trips, brain games, stress reduction training and makerspace materials. In all, 36 projects were approved.

We can’t wait to see what our teachers and students are able to accomplish with these grants, which are funded by our generous donors!

Congratulations to the following teachers whose grant applications were approved:

  • Maria Vita, HS, “Learning About Abusive Dating Relationships” presentation
  • Shelly Kyle, Central Manor, “Scrambled States” geography game
  • Molly Miller, HS, “Rapid Prototyping in Computer Science and Engineering”
  • Kay Kane, Hambright, “Headphones”
  • Jenna Moyer, Letort, “First in Math for Grades 5 and 6”
  • Kelly Sproul, Eshleman, “Differentiated Stations to Enhance Fine Motor Skills in Kindergarten”
  • Deb Meckley, HS, “Freshman Transition Mentoring” program
  • Anthony Carrodo, HS, “Breakout EDU Boxes”
  • Kerry Bushong, Martic, “Flexible Seating”
  • Christina Beard, Conestoga, “Guided Reading Materials”
  • Dawn Janssen, Martic, “Bowling Equipment”
  • Charleton King, HS, “Digital Physics Interfaces”
  • Melissa Mulder, Martic, “I Spy Science” document cameras
  • Pam Noll, Central Manor, “Chair Organizers”
  • Amy D’Amico, Manor Middle, “Project STEM Enhanced” Makerspace materials
  • Sara Masten, HS “Percussion Project Continuation”
  • Lauren Ciemiewicz, HS, “All That Jazz” ensemble materials
  • Megan Miller, Conestoga, “Playaway Bookpacks”
  • Meridith Eckroat, Conestoga, “Traveling Trunk Outreach Program”
  • Jonathan Hess, HS, “Precision Measurement Tools” for Ag Mechanics and Engines courses
  • Jeffrey Taylor, HS, “The Thinking Library Collection: Puzzles, Brain Games and Building Materials”
  • Kyle Bulicz, HS, “Sustainability: A Biology and Chemistry STEM Approach”
  • Tamara Baker, Conestoga, “Environmental Education Day” at Lancaster County Park
  • Debra Goodhart, Marticville, “’Book Scavenger’ Reading Activity”
  • Erick Dutchess, HS, “Science Honor Society/AP Environmental Science Bat Box Project”
  • Jodi Swartz-Rankin, HS, “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction” (presented through Wellness Works in Schools)
  • Meagan Slates, HS, “CASE Plant Science Supplies”
  • Tonya Beck, HS, “Water Quality Testing Equipment”
  • Richard Bodde, Eshleman, “Eshleman Shoots for the Moon: Bringing Families Together with STEM” rocket project
  • Andrew Johnson, HS, “Percussion Ensemble Development”
  • Sallie Bookman, HS, “TEAMS (Tests of Engineering Aptitude Math and Science) Design Challenge”
  • Jen Sugra, Martic, ”Kindergarten Resource for Connecting to Families”
  • Katie Lutz, Hambright, “Building a Culturally Responsive Book Closet”
  • Erick Dutchess, HS, “Environmental Science Aparist Project”
  • Jeffrey Himes, HS, “PMTV HD Cameras”
  • Kathleen Ashworth, Central Manor, “CoLibri e-Leonardo Book Covering Machine”
  • Donna Brady, HS, “Removing Barriers to a Successful Future” (financial assistance for ACT, SAT and AP exam and college application fees)

    Hambright students and their new books.

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