Many thanks to our Extra Give supporters!

Many thanks to the 90-plus donors who pledged $7,450 to PMEF during the Extraordinary Give. The November 18 online donation drive generated a whopping $7.2 million for local nonprofits in just 24 hours!

The Foundation is thrilled to have the following educators honored by our generous contributors: Bev Longenecker, Vince Miller, Ken Webster, Dr. Phil Gale, Barb Haverstick, Carly McPherson, Peg Murr, Katherine Kirk, Gail White, Anne Butterfield and the faculty and staff of PMSD.

Contributions also were made in honor of the Masten family, Chris and Anthony Knight, the Class of 1972 and the fine education received by Helen and Mark Hutchens. In addition, gifts were made in memory of Darlene Ford and Karen Shenk.

Thanks, also, to Spring House Brewing in Lancaster for providing the venue for our Extra Give Happy Hour.

For the second year in a row, contributions to PMEF exceeded the amount donated in the previous year.

Thank you again for your generous support of our programs!


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