Awarded Grants

Congratulations to the following teachers whose grant applications were approved for 2019-2020:

  • Amy Adair, “Flexible Seating,” alternative seating options – Hambright ES grade 2.
  • Jill Almoney, “Artist/Author in Residence,” strings teacher and conductor Elizabeth Lavender – grades 5-6 music districtwide.
  • Jill Almoney, “Vamoosh Music and Speaker,” music instruction system – grades 4, 5 and 6, districtwide.
  • Mark Andrew, “Lego Education WeDo Kits” – Hambright and Central Manor grades 3 and 4.
  • Carrie Aukamp, “Peter Pan Field Trip,” Fulton Opera House – Manor Middle School grade 7.
  • Brittany Bauman, “Museum of the American Revolution Field Trip,” Philadelphia – Marticville Middle School grade 8.
  • Christina Beard, “Social Skills Materials,” sensory items, games and social skills materials to be utilized by special education students at five elementary schools.
  • Lisa Bitler, “Facility Dog Supplies” to support a therapy/facility dog at Marticville Middle School.
  • Jon Bittenbender, “Gettysburg National Military Park Field Trip” – Manor Middle School grade 8.
  • Rachel Bixler, “Sensory Materials Lending Library,” alternative seating and other sensory materials to be loaned, as needed, districtwide K-12.
  • Stacey Brinkman, “For the Love of Learning,” math bingo and reading and writing skills materials — Central Manor grade 6.
  • Lauren Ciemiewicz, “All That Jazz, Part 3” chorus and vocal jazz music and microphones – Penn Manor HS music classes.
  • Megan Collins, “Scholastic News Magazine” subscriptions – Central Manor grade 3.
  • Krista Cox, “Choose to Move Seating,” alternative seating for classrooms – Eshleman K-6.
  • Christa Craig, “Books Every Business Professional Should Read,” for business department/school library – Penn Manor High School grades 9-12.
  • Patty Detter, “Multicultural Literature in Our Classroom,” reading libraries – Eshleman Elementary, all grades.
  • Joel Ernst, “Gel Electrophoresis and PCR Equipment” to study DNA – Penn Manor HS science classes.
  • Kara Eshleman, “Traveling Science Show, Hot & Cold,” Franklin Institute traveling show on states of matter – Pequea Elementary.
  • Neil Fellenbaum, “UAVs for Agriculture, Part 2,” infrared crop scouting camera for use with a drone in Penn Manor HS agricultural education classes.
  • Heather Fellenbaum, “Classroom Library Update,” schoolwide silent reading books – Conestoga Elementary.
  • Heather Fellenbaum, “Conestoga Book Room Update,” 100 new sets of books for differentiated instruction – Conestoga Elementary.
  • Jennifer Fisher, “Flexible Seating for Sensory Needs,” alternative seating and sensory materials for learning support students – Conestoga Elementary.
  • Jenna Fisher, “Sensory Walk” hallway stickers to assist in behavioral management and give students a physical activity – Pequea Elementary.
  • Jenn Forney, “Lifelong Recreational Activities,” indoor recreational games, including cornhole, Kan Jam and washer toss – Penn Manor HS physical education.
  • Joey Garrett, “Manufacturing and CNC Machining,” CNC router and tooling to expand STEM instruction on manufacturing processes – Penn Manor HS.
  • Kim Garvey, “Community Building: Recognizing Students’ Home Communities,” flags of 25 countries of origin – Eshleman Elementary.
  • Alisha Gerhart, “3D Printing Pens,” set of five 3D pens and filament – Pequea Elementary and Penn Manor HS.
  • Lorien Gilbert, “Breakfast Book Club for Sixth Grade,” books for pleasure reading club that meets for breakfast – Hambright ES grade 6.
  • Diane Glock-Cornman, “Learning to Do,” supplies for raising and showing animals at fairs – Penn Manor HS agricultural education department.
  • Deb Goodhart, “Choosing Books,” books for students to read and create “book trailers” to entice other students to read them – Marticville Middle grade 7.
  • Kathy Grenier, “Graphing Calculators in the Classroom,” replacement calculators – Penn Manor HS math department.
  • Katie Harnish, “Building Bridges with Refugees and Immigrants,” project pairing students with refugees and immigrants in the community to share their stories via podcasts and VR tours – Hambright Elementary grade 5.
  • Barbara Haverstick, “Nonfiction Enrichment,” sets of nonfiction books on refugee stories – Pequea Elementary grade 5.
  • Dawn Janssen, “Heart Health,” blood pressure monitors and cuffs – Martic Elementary physical education classes.
  • Andrew Johnson, “Penn Manor Marching Unit Battery Recharge,” bass, snare and tenor/quad drums – Penn Manor HS.
  • Baron Jones, “Spoken Word Club,” 20 visits by artist in residence Ty Gant to promote teamwork and communication – Penn Manor High School.
  • Connie Kinser, “Puppet Grant,” puppets to engage students in language arts lessons – Central Manor kindergarten.
  • Kathy Kirk, “Equity and Diversity Classroom Library Makeover,“ books for reading library with more diverse content – Manor Middle grade 7.
  • Angelika Koerner, “Culinary Culture,” hot plates and fire extinguishers for cooking ethnic foods – Penn Manor HS foreign language department.
  • Doug Kramer, “Tangrams” math puzzles for use in the classroom – Penn Manor HS math department.
  • Jennifer Kroesen, “Readathon” event to encourage reading among younger students – districtwide, grades kindergarten to 3.
  • Maggie Kyper, “Kindergarten Boost Program,” materials for language arts enrichment – Hambright Elementary kindergarten.
  • Wendy Letavic, “English Learners and Ballet,” trip to “Nutcracker” live performance – Penn Manor HS English Language Development students.
  • Sara Masten, “Orchestral Percussion Project,” cymbals, mallets and sticks for orchestra students – Penn Manor High School.
  • James McGlynn, “Spec-20 for STEM,” spectrophotometers and glassware for use by AP chemistry students – Penn Manor High School.
  • Todd Mealy, “The Dialogic: A Student Produced Magazine” featuring AP seminar students’ scholarly writing and artwork – Penn Manor High School.
  • Meagan Miller, “Sensory Pathways to More Learning,” hallway sensory path and playground activity circuit – Conestoga Elementary School.
  • Emily O’Donnell, “Fifth Grade Guided Reading,” guided reading books of various genres and cultural references – Central Manor Elementary grade five.
  • Brian Osmolinski, “Diffraction Lab and Beyond,” diffraction lab materials for physics and engineering students – Penn Manor High School.
  • Brian Osmolinski, “CO2 Sequestration with Azolla,” materials to grow and test aqueous Azolla ferns in physics classes – Penn Manor High School.
  • Melissa Ostrowski, “Career and Social/Emotional Supports,” career development programs and materials – districtwide.
  • Carol Purzycki, “The Human Circuit,” sets of energy sticks for science experimentation – Central Manor Elementary grade 5.
  • Skip Reddig, “Guitar Capo Grant,” set of capos for guitar classes – Penn Manor High School.
  • Katharine Rodriguez, “Harriburg Field Trip,” tour of state Capitol building for Multicultural Club members – Penn Manor High School.
  • Grace Sanna, “Alternative Desks,” standing and floor desks for students – Pequea Elementary grade 2.
  • Matt Schuck, “Sensory Path,” floor stickers for emotional support students – Hambright Elementary School.
  • Meagan Slates, “Vertical Growing Science Tower Garden Classroom Collaboration,” tower garden growing projects – High school ag and family and consumer sciences classes.
  • Nadine Smith, “Multicultural Day,” food to prepare ethnic dishes for annual celebration – Penn Manor High School.
  • Laura Stephan, “Window to the World, Mirror to My Classroom,” classroom library updates to reflect student diversity – Central Manor grade 3.
  • Laura Stephan, “Playaways,” audio versions of chapter books to help student comprehension –Central Manor, grade 3.
  • Lisa Suydam, “Rebuilding the Classroom Library,” updates to traditional literature and nonfiction classroom books – Letort Elementary grade 4.
  • Jeffrey Taylor, “Audiobooks for English Course Content,” audiobooks for loan via the Internet to assist struggling students – Penn Manor HS library.
  • Jeb Thompson, “Using Robotics to Enrich and Promote Learning in Elementary Classrooms,” sets of Lego WeDo robot kits – Martic Elementary grade 4.
  • Tom Wainman Jr., “Learning with Legos,” sets of Legos and Magformers for use by learning support and emotional support students – Hambright Elementary.
  • Emily Wise, “Fulton Opera House Field Trip” to see Little Mermaid – Central Manor grade 3.
  • Mary Witteman, “Enrichment for All – Keystone Biology,” National Aquarium field trip – Penn Manor High School Biology/Chemistry Keystone classes.
  • Jonathan Zimmerman, “Penn Manor High School Robotics Team,” materials to create robots for student competitions – High school grades 9-12.

Total funding approved for 2019-2020 grants: $92,877

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