Grant helps provide internet access to more students


Student using laptop with Wi-Fi device

A Penn Manor student uses a laptop with a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

More Penn Manor students have access to the internet after school hours thanks to a grant from the Fulton Family Foundation.

The Foundation has awarded a $2,050 grant to the Penn Manor Education Foundation to fund four Wi-Fi “hotspots” that students can use at home if they lack internet access.

All Penn Manor students in grades five through 12 will be utilizing district-provided laptops this school year, and many homework assignments are based on materials accessed via the web, requiring access to the internet.

The hotspots provide a wireless internet connection, allowing students to access websites, Google Drive and class information after they leave school.

While most students have Wi-Fi at home, a small percentage do not.  Nearly 40 percent of district students are economically disadvantaged and qualify for free or reduced-price lunches.

Penn Manor has tried other programs to get internet access to these students, including free Wi-Fi at local churches and schools, but these efforts have not been successful.

This grant will enable students to borrow a hotspot overnight, free of charge, from the high school library. One hotspot also is available at each of Penn Manor’s middle schools – Manor and Marticville.

The district’s social workers will assure that the gear is made available to the students who need it most.

Many thanks to the Fulton Foundation for supporting this effort!


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